unit plans

I receive a lot of messages by teachers and students around the world.  I would really like to thank you all for your kind and warm words.

Many teachers ask me for unit plans. I find the opportunity to express my opinion about the matter (the following paragraph was also published in My IB - official IBO website - in November 2018).

The Unit Plan for DP mathematics
or the epitome of nonsense

I have seen a great deal of unit plans. I am still wondering what the point of such a document is. I strongly believe that a clear syllabus for each unit is just enough. 

Anything less than that is poor and not enough to describe the unit. 

Anything more than that is aimlessly rich and not good enough to simulate a textbook or the lecture notes themselves. 

Anything different than that is a pathetic invention of some Education people who ignore mathematics and struggle to justify their existence. 


Christos Nikolaidis

DPhil Oxford

IB Math Teacher