Math AA

analysis and approaches



A reorganization of the exercises is taking place. As SL is part of HL, exercises for a common topic are placed in one document. Thus

GREEN documents are for both SL and HL students

RED documents are for HL students only

Care has been taken for the questions to be in order of difficulty. More demanding questions are indicated by an asterisk (*). For each topic there are 3 types of questions:

  • A. Practice questions: on basic understanding of theory
  • B. Exam style questions (SHORT): for the SECTION A of the exam
  • C. Exam style questions (LONG}: for the SECTION B of the exam

Numbering of the documents is in accordance with my lecture notes

[eco] documents contain questions only (no extra space for working)

Topic 1. Number and algebra

Topic 2. Functions

I am currently working on this topic. At the moment, please visit the OLD EDITION below


(It will be gradually removed by the end of 2022)
In that old edition, SL exercises and HL exercises were classified in separate documents 
In the new edition above, the green documents cover the common syllabus of the two levels and contain exercises for both SL and HL




Topic 2. Functions

Topic 3. Geometry and trigonometry

Topic 4. Statistics and probability

Topic 5. Calculus

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