Math AA

analysis and approaches


New Edition

The numbering of the documents is in accordance with my lecture notes. Questions are labeled as follows

GREEN documents 

 for the common SL and HL content 

  • no asterisk      normal for SL - easy for HL
  •         (*)             hard for SL - normal for HL
  •         (**)            optional for SL - mainly for HL

RED documents 

for the HL content only

  • no asterisk      normal for HL
  •        (*)              hard for HL

  • O. Practice questions: on basic understanding of theory
  • A. Exam style questions (SHORT): for the SECTION A of the exam
  • B. Exam style questions (LONG}: for the SECTION B of the exam

[eco] documents contain questions only (no extra space for working out)

Topic 1. Number and algebra

complex numbers

Topic 2. Functions

Topic 3. Geometry and trigonometry



Topic 4. Statistics and probability


Topic 5. Calculus

I am reorganizing this topic. At the moment, please visit the old version below. SL exercises and HL exercises were classified in separate documents

old version



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