Mathematics: analysis and approaches


  • Numbering of the documents is in accordance with my lecture notes
  • [MAA  ... ]    = Questions together with extra space for answers
  • [Q  = Questions only, with no extra space for answers [eco-friendly]
  • [S]    = Solutions




Topic 1. Number and algebra

Topic 2. Functions

Topic 3. Geometry and trigonometry

Topic 4. Statistics and probability

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Topic 5. Calculus

  • [MAA SL 5.1-5.4 Derivatives]                                     [Q]  [S]
  • [MAA SL 5.5-5.5 Monotony-Concavity-Optimtn]      [Q]  [S]
  • [MAA SL 5.8-5.9 Indefinite integrals-Substitution]   [Q]  [S]
  • [MAA SL 5.10 Definite integrals-Areas]                     [Q]  [S]
  • [MAA SL 5.11 Kinematics]                                           [Q]  [S]

The documents in black are under construction.

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The last two documents are under construction.

Care has been taken for the questions to be in order of difficulty. For each topic there are 3 types of exercises

  • A. Practice Questions: My questions on basic understanding of theory
  • B. Past Paper Questions (SHORT): SECTION A questions (IBO)
  • C. Past Paper Questions (LONG}: SECTION B questions (IBO)


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