Math AI

applications and interpretation


Numbering of the documents is in accordance with my lecture notes

   [MAI  xxx ]  =  Questions together with extra space for answer
                [S]  =  Solutions

Titles in GREEN are for SL and HL  

Titles in BROWN are only for HL

 Documents in grey font are under construction.

Topic 1. Number and algebra

1A. Basic algebra

1B. Complex numbers - Matrices

Topic 2. Functions 

2A. Theory of functions

2B. Modelling with functions

Topic 3. Geometry and trigonometry

3A. Trigonometry

3B. Vectors - Graph theory

Topic 4. Statistics and probability

Topic 4A. Descriptive Statistics - Probability

Topic 4B. Further Statistics

Topic 5. Calculus

Topic 5A. Differentiation

Topic 5B. Integration

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