for Math SL and Math HL

Numbering of the documents is in accordance with my lecture notes

Topic 1: Algebra

Topic 2: Functions and Equations

Topic 3: Trigonometry

Topic 4: Vectors

Topic 5: Statistics and Probability

Topic 6: Calculus

Care has been taken for the questions to be in order of difficulty. For each topic there are 3 sections of exercises

  • A. Practice Questions: Direct application of the basic theory (my questions)
  • B. Past Paper Questions (SHORT): Space for answer is provided
  • C. Past Paper Questions (LONG): Space is not provided; to be solved on separate answer sheets

Notice: The questions of sections B and C are from past papers up to 2008. Some of them have been enriched so that the full set of the exercises covers the whole of the syllabus quite well. The most recent papers can be used as they are (i.e. in complete form) for the final revison of the students and their practice in real papers (where the questions appear in a random order)